Friday, March 13, 2015

Our First Winter Walk in the Stroller

February 2015 was apparently the coldest February on record for 115 years. So naturally I've been terrified to take our son outside until the past two weeks where we've seen "warm weather" of -10 Celsius.

It was -2 Celsius midday yesterday, and I finally took him for a long walk, of about 30 minutes each way in the stroller instead of wearing him. So wonderful for my back! I still haven't mastered the keeping him warm but not too warm. On the way there, his little fingers got a bit cold because I tucked them into his snowsuit but didn't put the mitts on properly, and on the way back, I think he overheated as I added an extra blanket.

WARNING: The following is definitely too many layers for -2C, as he was unhappy when I got home and his back was slightly red and splotchy which I assume was heat rash!

Here's what overdoing it looks like!

A few too many layers for a sunny -2C winter day?
The breakdown of how I layered him up:
  • Cotton sleeper
  • Fleece snow suit and little mitts
    Mommy, why are you putting so many layers on me?
  • Fleece blanket
  • 7 A.M. Blanket 212 evolution on its smallest size
  • Put the Uppababy Cruz stroller cover up to block the wind and the sun
I suppose if I really wanted to overdo it I could have put the raincover on the stroller too, thankfully I didn't!

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